Providing Smart Irrigation Technology to New Home Owners

With the reduction in the size and price of weather monitoring apparatus, the individual homeowner is now able to apply an appropriate amount of water to their planted areas without the need for constant modification of their irrigation controller.

Within many of the new housing projects Sitescapes is currently working on, such as The Enclave in Eastvale as well as Avellino and Shady Trails in Fontana (both areas notorious for their dry climates and high winds), smart irrigation controllers are being used. These controllers monitor many local factors such as evaporation, rainfall, soil type, time of year and wind speed to automatically adjust irrigation cycles to provide the correct amount of water to the plants around the residence. Wireless technology also makes these tools virtually undetectable, no longer requiring cumbersome weather stations or expensive paging systems.

These exciting tools are providing more savings and water conservation to end users of the designs that are created by Sitescapes.

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