2020 Holiday Party Do-Over

A few weeks ago, the office got together to for a do-over on our 2020 Holiday Party. Every year the office gets treated to a formal dinner. It’s a chance for us to dress up and spend time catching up and get to know each other’s families outside of work. We bring our significant others and make a night of it. Since our 2020 party had to be canceled and our 2021 party is quickly approaching, we thought we’d do something a little more casual. We decided on a backyard BBQ at Rick’s house. The food was fabulous, the company – even better, but the highlight of the evening was the karaoke stylings that Lucia treated us to. Even Rick got roped into singing “Roxanne” with Elise after she agreed to do it, only if he sang “every single Roxanne in the song”. He was a good sport and sang his heart out! There’s a video but I’ve been threatened with disciplinary action if I post it.

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