PCBC Gold Nugget Award of Merit 2023 – Harvest at Terra Vista

Congratulations to AO, Lewis & the rest of the team on the #PCBC Gold Nugget Award of Merit award for the Best On-the-Boards Multifamily Community. Harvest at Terra Vista, located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA features 4-story wrap apartments which is a first for the city. The 17.3 acre community also includes 3-story walk-ups, stand-alone recreation and leasing centers, and 20,000 sf of retail space. Modern American Farmhouse architecture paired with Harvest-Themed landscape elements creates a consistent theme throughout. Residents will enjoy that the large site has been broken up into convenient and walkable spaces that feels like a residential pedestrian street in an urban setting.

A well-deserved win! We look forward to the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 24th.

(Gold Nugget Category: Best On-the-Boards Multifamily Community)

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